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Creed and 3D- Better Together

Creed and 3D

We are excited to announce that Creed Technology has joined forces with 3D Corporation, the leading source of IT support for small- to medium-sized businesses in Northwest Washington.

Since the founding of Creed in 2006, we have worked hard to earn the trust and confidence of our clients. It has been our mission to provide the highest quality of IT support for our clients so they can stay focused on running their business.

Creed Technology was started with the passion of providing outstanding results through superior standards. We know that by joining 3D, we can pool our combined expertise and talent to create an even higher level of service to the small and medium sized businesses in our area.

This combined force will serve the IT support needs of the local business communities from the headquarters of 3D Corporation located at 2103 Grant Street in Bellingham, WA. We will look forward to continuing to serve our many loyal customers with a far greater depth of combined resources than we could possibly have provided before this move.

Business Clients

If you’re a current small business client looking for continued support from Creed through 3D, please feel free to contact Tim at 360-671-4906 ext 430.

Home Users

If you are a home user, 3D may not be able to effectively service your needs. Here are a few options to consider: